What are the reasons for the startup business failure? And what is the road to overcome from this failure?

The startup business has been written around the world for the past few years in the new business and initiative. But there is also the failure of the startup as well as the failure. And understand the meaning of failure? A death of your dreams The dream that you have raised for yourself for a long time but you could not implement it correctly. Why is that?

Many of us say the time has not been good so the company could not do business right. Maybe the matter! But there is another kind of other analysis as well. What is that Many different parts of the different analysis come to discuss.

The successful startup of ‘Airbnb’ 2008 still remains to the point of discussion. But when its founders are in a very failed individuality, the story of this successful start-up story begins. In 2007, when its co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia came from New York to San Francisco. They are very frustrated, they do not have jobs and they need some income to earn well in new places. At that time all the hotels in the city came for a conference, all the booking and new startup opportunities in their lives. Some air beds were bought by them and they started their morning breakfast with their new initiative ‘Airbnb’. Starting at $ 80 per night, the guests start having their start-up startup startup issues.

It’s hard to understand how much time is needed at the beginning of a startup business. It’s up to you to start when and when not to start.

In the past few years, the 21-year-old startup startup of things that have repeatedly come to mind, why is the once successful ‘startup’ of Yahoo, the world’s dominant information technology firm, but failed once. What was the reason? Where the search engine ‘Google’ could compete with them tough competition and ‘Yahoo’ is just past now One-time giant ‘Yahoo’ could not make timely decisions. So at the top of all, today the failed organization came to Qatar. So, if successful start-up, there will be less of an organization’s thinking and do not take a timely decision.

Why is Google successful now? Many of Google’s many successful services are now featured. Do you think that one day of your life without those services of ‘Google’? Not to mention Gmail, Adsense, Edward, Google Drive. And Google’s search engine, Setto is a surprise service Google. There are also YouTube video sharing sites. Google has so many successful activities but ‘Google Plus’ has not succeeded yet. I left the reason for you. Why it is so discussed but it can not be compared to other Google services.

Why do many startup businesses fail?

21 reasons for the startup business failure
1. Who is the startup business buyer or the service recipient?
Who are you in business for? For whom did the service find out well? Who are your customers or service providers? These things do not have the right idea.

2. How to arrange a product
Do you think this business will be very good in the market? Your friend can give you this product supply. The other person will give you another product at a lower price. Then from other competitors you can sell the product to your customers at a lower price and gain a lot. If you have these ideas in between. Then stop! These are the reasons for the failed startups in the world. You do not want to believe and do not want to. It is not okay to accept reality by a few success stories.

3. What is your initiative in the field of your own?
There is no need to start with a startup that does not exist in your own hierarchy. It costs your time and time.

4. Unable to start startup at the right time
Another reason not to start the startup at the right time. If you do not understand what the trend is going on then that organization will not be able to move forward.

5. There is no difference in startup
One has started such a startup and you even started without knowing anything. Then the probability of failure will increase a lot. Market research is one of the most common in the world. Why do you know that? Because of the probability of startup because of its probability. If you start something without doing market research, then you have to face it.

6. Research and development problems
Why spend millions of dollars in giant companies behind research and development. Think of that? Everyone knows about ‘Titanic’ movie. How much did the production company earn more than it did behind? Just what the story was like? No! The whole pre-production, post production and overall presentation were good and a good team. And so did business in billions of dollars. Remember the Hollywood movie ‘Inception’? ? How famous is this movie. But know the story behind it? For eight years, the film’s director worked on the story of ‘Christopher Nolan’ and released the film in 2010. That’s why you do not have to spend a lot of money. But you must think about research and development. Because your company’s good condition will depend on research and development.

7. Problems with the selection of business partner
Another reason for the failure of Bangladesh’s start-ups is not suitable business partner. If your partner only finishes the responsibility by paying only money or everything depends on you, then the business case must be the cause of concern. You have to make the right decision about this. Find out the skilled partner. And if not, do business yourself alone.

8. Do not keep skilled people in technical fields
Another reason for the startups of failing to put skilled people in the technical field in online business is the failure of the company. Developing a site can not be all. Data securitity, site security and continual improvement of the site are not always noticed. Because of this, a startup is failing even after creating a good possibility.

9. Can not create the right team
Many companies in Bangladesh can not create the right team. One such thinking would make a problem in a very slow way. Because after the establishment of the company some business opportunities suddenly come and you can not give the right services to your customer company after taking those opportunities. This tells the fact that the organization could not provide good service to your organization to their known organization.

10. All of the company outsource
There is no production of your company and bought out outsourcing everything. Again the product is sold to buyers. In this, the prices of the same product are sold at different prices. The buyer’s dissatisfaction increased. The company’s acceptability is diminishing.

11. Lack of coordination between the company’s entire team
Lack of coordination between the company’s entire team. Do not make any department. There is a shortage of information about the company’s call center staff about the product and the fact that there is one thing that the Company Behavior does. Never give attention to customer engagement. Lack of good initiative to improve relations with old customers Failure to do good callcenter support.

12. Unable to create target customer
Failure to create target customer The lack of proper campaign behind the creation of new customers. Thinking that there is a customer, there is more to worry about selling the product in the market. But there is no good team member to create awareness and interest in what the customer really needs.

13. Start selling the market with all types of products
Start selling the market with all types of products or work on all companies with the same product. Most organizations are reluctant to work with Nish Product or specific products. Because of this, there are many other potential areas that the company does not have such discussion, so the customer can not even know about the new product. The possibility of startup fails to come in most discussions.

14. Big budget fund problem
Most of the companies are not big budget funds. There are no short, mid and long-term plans for how to get rid of it in case of problems. There is no point of coordination of money.

15. There are problems in the company’s proper structure
The company has no specific structure. There is no interest in making the department. And this does not have the company’s dynamism and companies are not able to do something good once.

16. The matter of fund raising
Failure to create interest in the company is not the case with Angel Investors about fund raising. They can not give accurate data or analytics reports on where the company actually goes.

17. lack of innovation
Lack of innovation. Do not miss the fact that creating creative ideas and teams over time and caring for that team.

18. There is no need to know how much money the company has
There is no idea how much startup should start with the money.

19. The right decision is a problem in marketing planning
Do not work on potential and current customers’ data. Marketing without fixing marketing planning. Marketing on some platforms is not right to know and can not be used.

20. Do not give importance to creating brand value
Do not give importance to creating brand value. There is no clear idea about not being able to present themselves as the right brand and for how many years the company wants to own its brand.

21. Focus on business expansion
Having less attention to business expansion and proper utilization of money, after a certain period of time, the situation of business dynamism will not lead to change the situation.

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