How to add missing place in google map

How to add missing place in google map or how to add my place in google map that place are already missing or how to add my office place in google map or how to add my business place or my home address in google map? You just follow our instruction for this solution (You can see screenshot). It is very easy to add a place in google map, when you add a place in google map it will need 3 days for approval your place & when it completed google mail to you a successful message as like ” Based on your suggestion, the listing for “your place name” has been added to the map. See your addition. Note that some changes might take up to 24 hours before appearing on Google.Thank you for improving Google Maps! Your insights make it a better, more useful map for everyone. ”

So, let’s start, first open your any browser & login your gmail account then open another tab your browser & search google map, go to google map & here you can see a search bar & a menu icon in the search bar left. If you first search a location your exact place that you want to add it is very easy for add your place.

When search your place & you get a near your exact location you just mouse pointer click your exact place, when click then it comes up a location icon it will be drag & drop for moving, now you click right button in your mouse, it comes a new small window here you can see a menu list you click “Add a missing place” then it will comes a another window name “Add a place” here enter your location name, address,category, phone number, website url, & then submit.

When you submit google map replay to your mail for your adding place. You can see screenshot below:

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