How to do Business Marketing by Facebook

Facebook Many people use a lot of things. To find a friend, to keep an eye on someone you know, to promote someone else or herself or organization. In the context of our Bangladesh, Facebook is the medium with which you can easily spread your business and reach out to many buyers, easily and completely free.

You can not open a Facebook account for promoting your product or company on Facebook, because you can not add more than 5000 people to an account. However, if you open a Facebook fan page, there will be no problem if you have 500 million people.

If you do not delay then create your business in a facebook fan page. And you do not have to spend a penny to open it, it’s totally free.

Now work is how to decorate it. Suppose you have imported and sold CFL bulb or energy saving lamp and you have a company. Your goal is to tell your fans about your product, while gradually moving your company brand to progress.

Hold your pages on the auction. Now work is how to decorate it. Suppose you have imported and sold the Energy Saving Lamp itself and you have a company. Your objective is to tell your fans about your product, and your company’s brand name will gradually move towards improving.

How do you promote your product and company?

One thing to note is that pages will be sorted once, but you will get the opportunity to promote your product or company through post. In that case you have to give good quality information to buy your product. There can not be any such promotion in your pages so that they like it on your page (your fans) they see it with a bad eye. For example, if you discuss computer or mobile with your own page, energy saving lamp, then it will be a very bad side. This will work for negative business for your business, which can be a cause for damages for your business.

Take a look at some tips on how to keep your product or company connected to those who have liked your page.

You can use your product or company’s logo on profile. And of course, you have to be careful about the professional look. Do not keep in mind the logo or banner image.

You can use a photo of all products or company in the cover photo. But keep in mind that the picture is very nice to see.

Always try to post a picture and do not forget to mention some of those pictures related to the picture. (The study found that more than just like after writing in writing with text rather than writing).

Present your product beautifully. The people who are on your page can be happy. In that case, please think that you liked this page and how happy you are to see this post?

Write about what the product meets the needs of customers without posting the high quality of your product in the post.

You can tell by what page you have done so far to take this product or company to the stage of success.

If you have a new contract with a new client, do not forget to give it to your fan page.

You can also inform everyone about what kind of product you are thinking for the next day.

Before bringing a new product, take a look at your page and see how they are taking this product for you. That means you can take a light market research.

If you have a website then you can link product link to your facebook page from the website.

For those who are doing so much, for whom ?? The answer will be for those who have liked your fan page. Now if you have a lot like that page but you can not spread your wealth even after much publicity. So be sure to share your page’s posts in various Facebook public groups. Inshallah will achieve the desired goal at one time.

At the end, keep the goal fixed and do not fall in danger. If your door closes, keep in mind that you’ll get an open door right.

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