Learning for new entrepreneurs from street hawkers.

We all know the street hockey. is not it? We also know what they do. People go to the door and sell the products. So But do they know there are some things that we can learn a lot from. Especially those who start a new business, think a little bit about things.

Reach every customer
A hawker, whatever he sells, he reaches to all potential buyers. Is not it right? We did not do it or did he try it. But they do not want to sell without a scope and hand. As soon as you start a new business, keep these things in mind.

Many products
Hawker usually brings a few types of products to customers. If someone does not want to take one, he offers another one. Therefore, businesses should also have such offers. Just get the product as per the customer’s requirement.

Refuses to accept smile in the face
They do not mind when you refuse them. They think that you do not reject them, but you do not need them. If you need it, then you will. So new entrepreneurs will not be disappointed and disappointed. Have to go ahead.

They said a price you said too. But if your price is not as good as it is, he tries to come to a level through bargaining. But he does not want to leave a buyer. So the new entrepreneur and this step should be followed.

Offer opportunities to offer
Hawker has the opportunity to offer you the price as fast as you can. If your price is as good as it is, then it sells it to you.

When you buy his product he is grateful and thank you. So this quality also needs to be a new entrepreneur. Be grateful to customers. Because your business will be successful if the customer is happy.

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