The main objectives and right plans for the business

The main objectives of the business can be to work for themselves, to create good business establishments and to arrange employment for others. Many entrepreneurs need a country’s tough economy. The economic backbone of a country by creating jobs only is not difficult. After the historic Chinese Revolution in 1912, the Chinese government had stopped all the activities of their university for 12 years in their country. China government’s statement was, what will happen to children in the university? Where will you get a job? Who will or work? China does not have such a job to hire thousands of unemployed people in China. During this time, China gave modern training to their children in different types of trade courses.

Chinese students became self-reliant by learning these short-term courses. Every house was developed in a small factory. All of the family work there. There is no separate cost for big factory. As a result, the cost of production of the product decreased. The strong economy of the Chinese economy started. There is no one in their possession with the ability to produce any products cheaply. Chinese products are expanding in every region of the world. As a result, China is an overwhelming superpower in world trade. If it is appropriate, they will make things that guarantee you 100 years.

But sadly the background of our country’s education is built for jobs. In the school-college-university education, our students are admitted into unconsciously jobs. Standing on their feet, creating business establishments, creating entrepreneurs, creating jobs, these ideas are rarely in our education system. As well as in our hearts, the caste and class consciousness in the work evaluation and the higher level of the work.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that in a country where a wealthy family in this country receives honor in society during the time of unemployment, the child of a poor family does not get the same percentage of the honor when he works as a waiter for the sake of family’s well-being or for a little extra income. He is just a little waiter for us. But the work of education is the level of respect for all respect.

Many of those who are interested in doing business do not know, where is our weakness in starting a business? How to get a business experience, how to get financial help from the bank? Most of our country’s investment ideas, diversity and creativity are almost zero. The business is determined here, on the basis of what others have succeeded by doing business, not on their own skill or intelligence.

The matter is not that you can not do that business by another person already. Of course you can be interested in any business inspired by others. But before investing in that business, you have to understand the details of it, at least have to be kept in mind.

The word creativity can not be widely used in investment. But we all know about its fundamental meaning. The creativity of the investment means finding the fields of new investment. Everybody is doing, without resorting to traditional rules, preparing for a new safe investment field.

It is also important for you to consider whether or not the customer will give the product or offer something more attractive to the customer. Remember, people like positive changes. So in any conventional business, you can achieve the confidence of a person by making positive changes, then a logical sequence of success.

Analysts said that private investment in the country is not growing due to infrastructure problems, gas crisis and political instability. It may be applicable to big business or industry, but the lack of ‘trust’ for the middle class like us is one of the main reasons for investing.

The liquidity of the country’s banks is increasing due to low investment in almost all sectors. The banks are now sitting with lazy money.

So firstly, for the least risk investment, the need-

  1. Your adequate experience about the work that you invest in.
  2. Your interest or passion about the subject matter.
  3. Market research.
  4. A potential pilot project.
  5. Good ideas about potential buyers.
  6. Customer Care

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