which activities and methods will boost your product or business?

Sell ​​the product that can be marketed to suit the full product. Suppose you bought a guitar but after some time you thought that you want to upgrade it, when you have the advantage, you buy more expensive guitars. Guitars have been bought, then you have to buy your guitar, buy a tuner, buy a case, and more. So work with products that require more collaborative products.

Another example is the Domaine Hosting Business. A buyer does not have to buy a domain and hosting, and then he has to design the website, SEO and etc., if there is a design, is a matter of working. To do this, graphic design works and takes it again. So if you have a service with domain hosting business then you can get your domain and hosting from it, but you can take other services.

In Amazon this is 35% share. The buyer first bought a product and then related products.

To reduce the order cancellation
The 60-70 cart e-custoder can cancel every 100 customers who visited your website. Where many e-commerce businesses are losing money.

For example, you have sold 400 dollars a product to 40 customs in one month, 8000 thousand dollars is coming, but here if you can reduce the amount of canceled cart, but profit will be much more.

In most cases, it is seen that the customer can not cancel their cart due to the price of the product and due to the excess fees, and if the e-product is available on other sites, then they will not come back to your site.

What you need to do in this case is to send e-mails to customers, inform your product, offer various services, package etc. What could have been at e-mail

Remind customs what was the cart that he canceled.

  • Attract their attention with attractive headlines, great content and beautiful photos.
  • Give a discount.
  • says that if they give a product order that is very popular, then there is not much time in stock and then you keep it for them.

Increase cell through affiliate
You can sell your product through affiliate because it is a matter of commission, that you will be commissioning a person who works to sell your product. It is because you gave him some commission from your profits, which is what your product is free Marketing is not just product or your website or Facebook page.

Spend time in social media
There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the leading drivers of e-commerce business. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit’s performance are the best. Depending on your business’s buyer and product target, if you are a Bangladeshi buyer, then there will be no benefit other than Facebook, but if you work all over the world then all the things will be useful.

With some steps you can achieve success by affiliate

  • Just decide where you build your network and who will be, it can be through the Facebook group, Can keep links to registration at your website.
  • From there you will find out who can sell your product.
  • And the commission you give will be better if it is lower than your add-on budget.

Be creative
Not just creativity in graphic design, it is needed in many places, as here, the details of your product, not the ones that are available, use interesting pictures, and some more points:

You can see marketing in Instagram, it is very popular in Bangladesh.

Store in Facebook, you can see it, it can come and work.

You can send e-mails separately from Wish-list when you have a product or a sale.

Review the client as much as possible. It’s very important.

Special Note: If you want to enter business, put a note in mind carefully, you and your subscriber your king. If you can do it as you would like to be treated with a king, you will never have to look back. Winning will be yours only

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